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Love HTX! Chris Roundy is amazing! He’s fantastic at chiropractic services with state of the art equipment and a super cute new office.

Kenna G.

Dr. Chris is great! With an easy-going demeanor, he clearly knows what he is doing as a chiropractor. He listens to me while also reading what my body is saying. Then, with gentle firmness, he offers the kind of treatment that is needed. Dr. Chris will also vary his approach as needed to offer the best care possible. One feels comfortable with him. I highly recommend him.

Beth H.

Dr. Roundy does an amazing job for my entire family. He is gentle and caring with my daughters while being strong enough to handle my 6’5″ frame. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Chris F.

Hands down the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Chris is extremely personable and knows exactly what to do. He goes above and beyond, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone to go here. Just be sure to call for an appointment!

Mike P.

I was involved in a car accident and hurt my back pretty bad.Honestly, I was terrified to get adjusted, but Dr. Roundy is great at helping you feel comfortable and be relaxed before the adjustment. I did treatment for about a month and a half, and before I knew it I was barely feeling any pain. Thank you Dr.Roundy for being such a great chiropractor! I highly recommend.

Abreana C.

I recommend HTX. I felt so comfortable and welcomed. I Would be continuing my treatment here.

R A-Noor

I was rear ended on the highway and suffered a back injury with a stiff neck. After getting treated over the course of a month from Dr. Roundy I am feeling much better and I’m able to get through my day painless again.

Alexandro R.

Dr. Roundy is fantastic. He takes his time and I never feel like he’s trying to rush when he’s adjusting me. He truly focuses on doing everything possible to get me out of pain (I’m a fitness instructor teaching multiple high intensity classes per week) and gives me stretches to work on at home so that I can further my treatment away from the office. I always have to bring my three daughters with me and he answers their never-ending questions with a smile and doesn’t ever act like they are a burden. He is truly a doctor who focuses on whole body wellness, it’s never just a quick “crack and go” adjustment. I’m so thankful that I found him!

Jennisa M.

My first experience at this place was absolutely amazing!! Dr Chris is the nicest, calmest, GENTLEST,most paitent dr I’ve ever been too!! I have always been horrified when it comes to anything popping and cracking on my body but he made sure my experience was smooth! He always has a smile on his face even when I brought my kids! He never made them or me feel like a burden! He is the absolute best and I’d recommend him to anyone!!!

Deirdre M.

I went today, 10/14/2019, because I been having sharp pain in my right shoulder blade. I must say I was a little skeptical at first because things can go south if you go with someone inexperienced. Dr. Roundy is truly AMAZING and an artist in his craft. Dr. Roundy takes his time to consult with you about your pain to determine what’s the best course of treatment. Truly a remarkable Dr and explains each process before you begin. I highly recommend HTX Chiropractic!!!!

Esequiel C.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Roundy and HTX Chiropractic! I was involved in a car accident that caused some neck and back injuries. I was nervous about going to a chiropractor for the first time, and overwhelmed with how to navigate the process of dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. I shouldn’t have been concerned at all. Dr. Roundy was wonderful every step of the way. His office is modern, clean, and comfortable. He started out by listening to the entire story of the accident and doing a thorough exam. Using helpful pictures and models, he explained what was going on with my body and how his treatments could be used to relieve pain and regain mobility in my neck and shoulders. I could feel a difference from the first treatment, especially in my neck area. Dr. Roundy was always gentle, and explained what he was going to do before he did it. And I never felt pressured to do any adjustments if I was feeling extra sore or nervous that day. Over the next few weeks through adjustments, massage tools, and stretching exercises he recommended at home, I was able to completely recover from the accident. I even had some pain and stiffness from before the accident that was alleviated as well. Dr. Roundy was also invaluable for helping me navigate the insurance companies. In addition to providing the needed forms and reports they required, he also helped me understand the terms and processes I should expect, and what I should anticipate in terms of the length of treatments. This knowledge helped me know what to ask for in order to receive the treatments I needed to heal. I would highly recommend Dr. Roundy and HTX Chiropractic!

Heather J.

Dr. Chris was amazing!! He was patient, listened to me explain all of the spots that were in pain and explained everything thoroughly for me to understand. I loved that he didn’t rush to get everything done and even though he couldn’t get my left ankle to pop as much (serious injury there) he did massage it to try to help it, it felt great. My favorite part was sitting in the massage chair (with its heat turned on) and watching tv at the very end of my appointment.

Ana S.

first time ever going to a chiropractor, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. friendly and very attentive to your needs. I injured my lower back at the gym and within a week I was feeling much better.

Adrian P.

Great service. Have a know back issue that he was able to relieve the pain in one visit. I have been to many chiropractor, and it’s always hit or miss on if they are able to actually correct the pain and not just crack your back.

Nathan S.

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